“Through our field research, we contribute to public policies aimed at improving the lives of the people suffering from neglected tropical diseases, i.e. those affecting the most vulnerable populations in the community. Our programs, projects and actions are developed based on three pillars.”


  • Key to our activity is field work, which helps identify barriers, implement solutions and provide evidence for the improvement of health policies. This strategy allows us to escalate the impact of actions that make a difference.


  • We work on the so called neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Changing this paradigm requires to make visible the fact that over 1 billion people are affected with preventable diseases worldwide. Our objective is to educate society as a whole, from schoolchildren to health professionals.


  • The magnitude of the impact of these illnesses on Public Health calls for the aggregation of every effort. We define our contribution as the ability to articulate partnerships sustained by the private sector, academia and the State.