Mundo Sano, and the pharmaceutical company Elea Phoenix, organized an event to present ABARAX (benznidazol) 12.5 mg, a dose suitable for treatment of pediatric populations.
Among other attendants, doctors Silvia Gold, president, Mundo Sano; Patricia Angeleri, National Ministry of Health; Jaime Altcheh, ‘Dr. R. Gutierrez’ Children Hospital and PAHO/WHO;  Sergio Sosa Estani, DNDi, and ‘licenciados’ Marcelo Abril, Mundo Sano, and Luis Ferrero, Elea Phoenix, took part in the presentation providing their vision on the significance of having a medication specifically formulated for children treatment. They also highlighted the start of a new era which began to be built in 2011 and will stick to the commitment to the joint effort to contribute to the transformation of the lives of people suffering from this illness.

Other National Health Ministry officials, renowned infectologists, representatives of municipal administrations of the Buenos Aires province, Insud managers and Mundo Sano associates were also present at the meeting.

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