We are specialists in making complex things simple because nothing is impossible when fighting for a dream. All that is surely done on the basis of respect for those who contribute to the cause. These premises serve to fulfil the commitment we have taken: change the course of neglected diseases and multiply the hope that more transformations are possible.

Taking on a moral commitment and maintaining it over time is possible if the challenge being faced is really clear. With small steps and much perseverance, the world can be changed and the reality of the most vulnerable people can be improved.

The values to which we give ourselves each day are empathy, rigor, commitment, sustainability, development, diversity, optimism, transparency and solidarity. We add our attributes, our aspirations to those values: globality, solidity, reliability, flexibility, prestige, consistency, reference and perseverance.

Our work model involves eight stages:

  • Analysis of the situation
  • Strategy design
  • Creation of teams
  • Project management
  • Model design (transferable, replicable, sustainable, scalable)
  • Correction
  • Publications
  • Protocol