Our Projects and programs have received prestigious national and regional awards.

YEAR: 2024

“Chagas LAMP: Research to change the diagnosis of Chagas disease in newborns”

YEAR: 2023

“Sustainability Report 2021”

“Not a Single Baby with Chagas Disease”

“Comprehensive approach model to COVID-19”.

YEAR: 2022

Rural Housing Sanitation Improvement with Community Participation” Program.

Educational Project “Prevention in Action: Pedagogical Resources for a Healthy World”.

YEAR: 2021

“Building Health with the Community” Project

“Not a single baby with Chagas disease”.

YEAR: 2020

Projects “United for Mother-and-Child Health Care at the Triple Border of the Chaco Salteño region”

Campaign: “Not a single baby with Chagas disease”

YEAR: 2019

Projects “Sports, Childhood and Chagas”

“Not a single baby with Chagas disease”

YEAR: 2018

“Benznidazole a milestone against Chagas”

YEAR: 2016

“Comprehensive approach to Chagas disease in Madrid: for a healthy motherhood and childhood” Project.